About us

We are brothers, friends, colleagues and former team-mates but above all we are Genovese. Genova is central to this story. Genova is a strange city seeing tumultuous changes in history and landscape. As every city, Genova has its dark side, but unlike many other cities, it is not ashamed by it and it proudly displays it by putting it in the heart of the city with a shout of “I Caruggi”.

“I Caruggi” represents all the contradictions that inhabit this city, at the same time: irresistible and resistible, beautiful and unsightly, strong and fragile, kind and hostile.Those who were born or who have lived here know that Genova does not know middle ground. Either you love it or you hate it. We decided to love it. And it is right here that we have decided to start up our project. Conjured from a dream and developed into an idea. It is now born into reality with the perfect location of Piazza Invrea 3R. From its inception, the process was not easy, nor was it quick. It required commitment, consistency, strength and lots of energy from all of us. During the development we found the support from many people and are indebted with thanks to Nunzia and Raffaele as well as from old and new friends.

This is Osteria le Colonne.


Co-owner and Chef

Vittorio is the youngest of the group and the one who inspired us all with the idea of starting a restaurant. He graduated from the Hospitality Training Institute Marco Polo in Genova. After working during the school years for Roberto Carani and Gianni Malagoli, he left Italy for France to explore the culinary traditions founded by Paul Bocuse. During this experience, he was a “chef de partie” in two restaurants awarded with Michelin Stars. Spending four years in France he learnt the foundation of the French cuisine, at first, under the supervision of Pierre Orsi, then, of Patrick Henriroux. Australia was next on his list. There, he discovers wonderful places, starting from Melbourne through to Magnetic Island in Queensland and leaves Australia from Perth after almost one year. In Australia, besides learning more about the local culture, he gets closer to Asian cultures which are fascinating him enough to convince him to accept a position in Singapore. There for three years, he discovers new cooking techniques and learns the foundation of the main Asian cuisines. On his return to Italy, he works with his brother Ignazio, which he thoroughly enjoys. After that, he was invited to join a new restaurant opening in Trentino. Working for two years in a restaurant in Bressanone, he rediscovers the main ingredients from the Alps. Vittorio returns to Genova with a dream: to open a restaurant with his brothers.

His Hobby: woodworking


Co-owner and Chef

The eldest of the group and father of three daughters, he loves motorbikes. After graduating from the Hospitality Training Institute Marco Polo in Genova, he began his professional career in some of the most well-known restaurants of the Genovese landscape.
Ignazio spent four years in England where he gained invaluable experiences in restaurants awarded with Michelin stars. Following his time in England, he moved to Spain where he was an Executive Chef for a British Company. After two years, he returned to Italy where he studied new cooking techniques. In 2009, he gets an important assignment in Albania as executive chef. During those years he used and strengthened all the knowledge he gained during the previous years. Above that, he tasted and learned how to prepare the dishes of the Balkan tradition. The experience in Albania, which lasted 5 years, has allowed him to make important contacts in the food farming industry which gave him the opportunity to consult in very interesting projects in sustainable farming and the gastronomic industry.  When Vittorio asked him to join him in his dream, he did not hesitate.

His family: the most important thing


Co-owner and Chef

Known as Cubo since he was 12, he got so used to his nick name that when people call him by his name, he does not turn around. Graduating from the Hospitality Training Institute Marco Polo in Genova, Cubo began his professional career in the main restaurants of the Genovese landscape. During this period, he worked at the location that would become the restaurant Osteria le Colonne, at that time known under a different name. During the five years he worked there, he discovered all the secrets of this location, and he fell deeply in love with it. That same feeling, ten years later, will convince him, with three friends, to begin a new chapter and adventure at this location. He gained invaluable experience in places such as Buca di San Matteo and Cenobio dei Dogi which allowed him to expand his knowledge of the traditional Ligurian cuisine and to better understand the needs of Ligurian customers. In the last five years he worked as the Head Chef in international luxury yachts. Thanks to this last experience he has had the chance to blend tradition with innovation in a perfect alchemy.

His hobby: the wood


Co-owner and inkeeper 

Known as Campa, he believes that life is a collection of mistakes, we have just to choose which one we want to make. He graduated in Business and Administration from Università degli Studi di Genova. Already when a student he had some interesting experiences abroad. Once he completed his studies, he moved to Guatemala working as International Cooperation consultant. He came back to Italy in 2006 and began working as an Export Area Manager, a role that he has held for the past thirteen years in several companies.  Travel and sport are the two constants of his life. Interested in people, he believes that cultures are closer than they might seem. His will to learn from different people has seen him proficient in several languages.
When Vittorio asked him to join him in his dream, he did not hesitate.

His hobby: sport holidays



Irene was born and raised in the Ligurian countryside where her grandmother grows fruit and vegetables and her mother makes fresh home-made pasta and bread. In this atmosphere, full of flavors and aromas she developed a passion for cooking. Graduating from the Hospitality Training Institute Marco Polo in Genova, she specialized in natural and dietetic cuisine. She starts working in the kitchen of restaurants and after two years, by chance, she discovers that behind the coffee bar, interacting with customers is what she enjoys more.  Working in coffee shops for seven years, at first in Genova, then during a short pleasant experience, in Sicily, and eventually, for two years, in Alto Adige, she steps into the coffee world.  Desiring to learn something more, she starts working in the dining room. From another perspective, now she looks at the kitchen in a different way; she studies the dishes and tries to communicate to the customers the passion and research behind each dish. Thanks to this new role she discovered a new “love”—wine.
Her hobby: tennis